NNTP Server Software
Driving Cost Effective, Carrier-Class Solutions.
Highwinds is a multi-platform IP services and content distribution provider. We offer an array of content distribution services, hosting and IP transport services in addition to the NNTP Server Software described on this site. To learn more visit: www.highwinds.com

As an ISP, ASP, web hoster or telco providing NNTP access, your customers rely on 24x7 reliability, excellent support and scalability. Highwinds has NNTP Server Software solutions, whether your company supports 50 customers or 50 Million. Our software enables public newsgroup access over NNTP and HTTP as well as private discussion servers. Highwinds is the world leader in NNTP infrastructure software which is in production at over 200 of the world's largest internet service providers.

Managed Services
Highwinds offers turnkey outsourcing for enterprise NNTP management. If you would like to provide an enterprise NNTP service, but don't want to dedicate hardware and personnel, contact a Highwinds representative about a managed service solution.


Highwinds offers scheduled training courses on how to optimize the use of Highwinds Software at your company site, please contact us to schedule.

Cyclone is a Carrier-Class, News Router Server which quickly and efficiently routes articles throughout a NNTP network.

Hurricane is a reliable, authoritative, and transit-less article numbering and control system in a NNTP network.

Tornado, Highwinds' premier reader software, efficiently enables direct spool sharing, and spool aggregation.

Typhoon is a "carrier-class" NNTP News Server solution that scales to support thousand's of simultaneous readers.

Download Tornado, Cyclone, and Highwinds' other products.